System Info:
System power is controlled by Atlas/Soundolier sequential relay.
All connections are re-patchable through custom, hard wired, patchbays.

Mixing Console:
Yamaha O2R

QLab 3 Pro Bundle - Mac Mini dual core i5, OSX 10.10, 8GB RAM, 500GB HD, Motu 828 MKIII (8 outputs)
2 - Sony MDS-JE520 Minidisc Recorder/Players
1 - TEAC CD Player

Fixed Speakers:
4 - EAW JF260Z Mains powered by Mackie M1400i
(dead hung at the four corners of the space @ 18')
1 - EAW EAW SB-250 Sub powered by Mackie M1400i
(locations can change depending on seating config)

Additional Amplifiers:
2 - Crest CA12

Monitor & ALD System:
1 - Shure SM57 Mic (located on Mezzanine)
Peavey PZS 140 4-Zone Mixer
Listen Technologies Assistive Listening LT800 Transmitter with LR400 Receivers
JBL Control 25 Monitors powered by Stewart PA-100B
(located in control booth and backstage)

Production Communications:
Clear-Com 2 Channel A/B System